strawberry fields

Our classic Strawberry Fields is a cross between strawberry banana and tangie. It’s a perfect combination of strawberry, citrus and sweet notes.

About this strain: Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields is a popular name among breeders, as multiple cannabis connoisseurs have created a cultivar in homage of the Beatles’ hit.

Strawberry fields by Sagamartha Seeds

Strawberry Fields is a backcross of Strawberry Cough and an unknown Indica strain, first bred by the team at Sagarmatha Seeds. It tastes like fresh berries and smells similar with woodsy undertones, according to reviews online.

Strawberry fields of unknown origin

Another version of Strawberry Fields comes from mysterious origins, thought to have first appeared in Vermont, according to sources online. According to one website, Strawberry Fields is so-called because the breeder grew the crop among his or her strawberry patch. True to its name, it has a fresh strawberry flavor profile.

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